Strezov Vending machines

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Work with us

The company offers machines depending on the needs of their customers.

The design, the capacity and the capabilities of the machines are consistent and meet the needs of offices, plants, businesses, factories, warehouses, workshops and more.

In his long term experience and aspirations for the company to respond adequately to the needs of its customers has developed the following options for collaboration:

All drinks are paid consumption, on prices defined by you.
Hot drinks are completely free for your employees and customers. In the end of each month the company user covers the cost of the drinks indicators to popup machine in co defined down prices.
It includes procurement of chips with separately defined value or ZIP switches with memory, which introduces a certain amount each month. The number of chips/ ZIP switches is defined in cooperation with the company user depending on its needs.
The drinks coffee, coffee with creamer and tea are offered for free to the employees of your company, and their price and that one of the rest of the drinks will be defined in cooperation with you. In the end of every month in popup machine will be determined consumption of the drinks in the presence of official business user. The payment will be done in a manner agreed with the relevant documents.
The drinks are on a similar pre – determined price. The company user will have the opportunity to provide as a social policy to its employees a subsidy and to cover the cost of the drinks such as pay in advance the consumed quantity on agreed prices.

For more information, please contact us.
The brand of the coffee and all products in the machine are determined by the client and are in conformity with their requirements. “Strezov vending” provides machinery installation, maintenance and the service entirely on its own expense. The company has its own service which allows the rapid removal of any problems occurred in the process of work. Down to the work of the company is the quality and the taste of the drinks entirely in conformity with the needs and the wishes of its clients.